Perfect bag pile up  .

Nuova dueffe has succesfully installed  a new robot  for bags   completely automatized . The customer process has been completely automatized and speed up . The workers are more safe and the bags pile is t he best obtained till now

The experience of nuovadueffe in pallet handling is the winning point in handling and management of the pallets

Nuova dueffe  cooperate  in   close contact  with customer to install flexible effective solutions to make   the process more profitable for the customer

More productivity more quality

The productivity raised up of 20% , working shift has been consequently reduced , quality of the final product finally  increased by 10%

Energy recovery

The new generation robot  proposed by nuovadueffe  are adopting a recovery energy system , a technology that recover energy during deceleration

we reduce electrical consume and eliminate the need to cool down the  electronic elements