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Company 4.0


Industry 4.0 is developed thanks to the availability of low-cost wireless sensors and connections and is associated with increasingly pervasive use of data and information, computational and data analysis technologies, new digitally-generated materials, totally digitized and connected components and systems.
Offers technological solutions for:
  • Optimize production processes
  • To support industrial automation processes
  • Facilitate collaborative business collaboration through advanced distributed planning techniques, Integrated logistics management and interoperability of information systems
The new production processes are based on:
  • Technologies for the production of products made with new materials
  • Mechatronics
  • Robotics
  • Using advanced ICT technologies

Tax benefits for those investing in industry 4.0 are provided

Tax benefits provided:
  • Hyperdepreciation: Increase in the rate for investment in new instrumental material assets that are key to transform into Company 4.0, from 140% to 250%
  • Superdepreciation: Extensification of the 140% rate for new instrumental assets and enhancement by incorporating intangible assets (software) that are key to transformation into Company 4.0
We can offer you ad-hoc solutions to access these benefits:
  • Installation of devices
  • PLC and sensors installation
  • Electrical switchboards revamping
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Installation of devices To obtain the “Superdepreciation”

Installation of PLC and sensors To obtain the “Superdepreciation”

Revamping of electric switchboards To obtain the “Superdepreciation”